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  • The Unpredictable Livecast

    The Unpredictable Livecast

    The first Unpredictable Livecast is out!!! Wohoo! Did you see the live streaming earlier today? Maybe you interacted with Cecilia, Tone & William! A lot of talk about the weather, how people behave in cold or rainy weather and lots more. Join us every other Sunday at 1pm CST (20:00 GST+1/Sweden) on Facebook or YouTube!

  • The Unpredictable Livecast!

    The Unpredictable Livecast!

    Two years ago the friends Cecilia and Tone started to record their bi-weekly catch-up conversations and broadcast them on YouTube and Facebook. With no specific agenda, the long-time friends had no borders on what could be discussed. Tone sitting in Sweden and Cecilia in Texas made their worlds completely different yet so much alike. A…